New live video: Radar Love ft. Rinus Gerritsen, Cesar Zuiderwijk and Spike

First real gig of the year at the Haags Beat Festival! The audience demanded another encore, so the band took on the challenge to play an unrehearsed version of Radar Love. Really cool to play this song with two original members of the Golden Earring!


Rinus Gerritsen - Bass

Cesar Zuiderwijk - Drums

Spike van Soest - Guitar/Vocals

Peter Langerak - Guitar/Vocals

Theo van Niel Jr. - Guitar

Jan Rooymans - Keys/Vocals

Koen Herfst - Drums

Diana ten Berge - Backing vocals

Jennifer Trel - Backing vocals

Jane Goulding - Backing vocals

Robert Jan Stips - Backing vocals and claps

Evert Willemstijn - Backing vocals and claps